Alanya Executive Lawyer(DEBT COLLECTION)

Alanya Executive Lawyer(DEBT COLLECTION)


Alanya Executive Lawyer(DEBT COLLECTION)

Alanya  Executive Lawyer(DEBT COLLECTION)

If you are a creditor from anyone in Alanya and you want to make debt collection legally, it will be the most logical way for you to work with our Alanya law office and Alanya execution lawyer.

Execution law lawyer, in the event that the debt arising from private law is not fulfilled by the debtor, takes part in collecting the receivables by the state hand. The person who performs debt collection through the justice mechanism of the state is also called Alanya execution lawyer.

Alanya Enforcement lawyers who help to maintain the process in a professional manner in legal disputes between debtor  and creditor should be knowledgeable in this field. During this process, lawyers initiate enforcement proceedings after the debtor fails to pay his debt and perform debt collection within the scope of enforcement and bankruptcy law.

At the same time, the execution of the execution proceedings initiated in accordance with the law, the follow-up and the collection of the debt are also monitored by experienced lawyers.


What is Enforcement Law?

Execution and bankruptcy law deals with paying the debt under private law by force by the state if it is not fulfilled with the consent of the debtor. Therefore, within the scope of enforcement law, there must be a debtor, a creditor and an amount of debt that has not been paid.

In the process of foreclosure on the movable or immovable property assets of the debtor, support is received from enforcement law lawyers. Alanya Execution law lawyers also provide legal advice and litigation support to companies on issues such as bankruptcy and bankruptcy postponement.

What Are the Most Common Cases in Enforcement Law?

The types of lawsuits that are common in enforcement law arise from disputes between debtor and their receivables. In practice, Alanya lawyers also have great duties in enforcement law cases heard in a competent court.

For the most frequent cases of enforcement law in practice, it is possible to list the following:

  • Collection of receivables
  • Debt collectıon
  • Initiation of enforcement proceedings
  • Making a salary seizure
  • Unrequited cheque cases
  • Objection to signature
  • Objection to enforcement proceedings
  • Cases of cancellation of the objection to the enforcement proceedings
  • Cases of removal of objection
  • Precautionary foreclosure cases
  • Tracking of current account receivables
  • Objection to debt
  • The child delivery execution process
  • The case of cancellation of savings
  • Execution case without notice

In order not  loss of rights in such cases, it is absolutely necessary to get support from Alanya enforcement lawyers who are specialized and have experience in the field of enforcement law.

Each case has its own legal procedures that must be followed. Therefore, being successfully separated from a case is not a guarantee that the same result will occur in the next enforcement case. For this reason, the support of Alanya law office should be given importance in order not to suffer rights losses.

What Does a Alanya Execution  Lawyer Do?

Alanya execution lawyer deals primarily with debt collection. The duties of an Alanya Execution law lawyer are a subject that is very curious, especially by people who are in a creditor situation. Alanya execution lawyer has to get a power of attorney to make the debt collection on behalf of the creditor. In order to perform business and transactions within the scope of enforcement and bankruptcy law, it is necessary to obtain a general attorney's power of attorney.

Alanya execution lawyer should understand the source of the creditor's receivables very well. It may be due to a receivable promissory note. It may be due to a receivable contract.It may have been caused by a check due. It may be due to a compensation receivable. The receivable may be based on a court decision.

Alanya Execution lawyers, on behalf of the collection of receivables, first of all, by determining the assets, ensure the debtor's pay in question.



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