Alanya Inheritance Lawyer

Alanya Inheritance Lawyer


Alanya Inheritance Lawyer

Alanya inheritance  lawyer attracts attention with its wide-ranging field of activity. In this context, inheritance law takes place in a wide area. People who want to resolve issues related to inheritance should proceed in accordance with legal procedures.

For this reason, it is important that they continue their journey with a reliable and experienced Alanya inheritance lawyer in their field. We also continue to offer the necessary legal support to our clients in the field of inheritance law with our expert and experienced lawyer staff. Thus, in all kinds of legal processes related to inheritance, our Alanya law office takes part with our clients and helps them to protect their rights to the fullest in this process.

How Does Turkish Inheritance Law Work?

Turkish inheritance law and how it works is the subject of curiosity of many people. In this context, it is regulated in the relevant section of the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721, which entered into force on January 1, 2002.

As a heritage lawyer in Alanya, we  provides legal services and consultancy services to foreign nationals within the scope of heritage law.

The necessary laws and procedures in the inheritance law are listed as follows;

  • The children of the deceased person were not separated in the form of being their own or adopted, being married or out of wedlock, or being a girl or a boy. All children become partners equally as heirs. However, the status of the adoptive person being the heir to the adoption is not accepted in our law.
  • If the heir's children have died before him, his grandchildren will be registered as his heirs. Again, if people have died without having a child, in this case, the parents of this person are registered as heirs to him.
  • If the parents of a person who passed away without a child also died before him, then other relatives come into play in this case. In such a case, the deceased person's uncle, aunt, if any; these relatives become the person's heir.
  • If the deceased has a spouse and children, the spouse receives a quarter of the inheritance. If there are no children again, the spouse receives half of this amount, while the rest is given to the parents.
  • The inherited property of a person who dies without any heirs passes to the state treasury.

Alanya inheritance  lawyers located in our Alanya law office provide legal services to their clients at this stages.

What is a Will and How Is it Made?

  • Together with the will, people explain who they will leave their assets to before they die. At this point, a person must meet certain conditions required in order to leave a will.
  • These terms and details are listed as follows;
  • The person who will leave a will must be over the age of 15 and have good mental abilities. In this case, everyone who meets these conditions can determine how he wants his remaining property to be shared after his death. However, in order to make an inheritance contract, it is necessary to be mature and not to be restricted.
  • Legal transactions related to death made by the person who writes a will under the influence of error, deception, intimidation or coercion are considered invalid. However, the necessary actions should be taken starting from the day when the inheritor learns that he was wrong or deceived, or gets rid of the influence of intimidation or coercion. For this reason, if he does not return from savings within a year, the savings become valid.

As Alanya Heritage lawyer, we provide legal support to our clients at these stages.

The Right of Inheritance of Foreign Citizens in Turkey

Our International Private Law and Procedural Law Law has the basic law in terms of legal transactions related to foreigners. In the article on inheritance situations, it is stated that the inheritance will depend on the law in which the deceased person is a citizen. In terms of immovables, it  emphasized that Turkish Law related to immovables located in Turkey will be applied. Persons who are foreigners are not deprived of inheritance directly. It has been emphasized that anyone who is alive at the moment when the inheritor dies, except for the reasons of disinheritance, can become an heir.

In order for foreign citizens to make an inheritance claim related to a real estate located in Turkey, they must go on the path of claiming their rights by obtaining inheritance documents from the Law Courts in Turkey.

Alanya inheritance lawyer provides legal services to his clients for people who are citizens of foreign countries to obtain a certificate of inheritance in scope of inheritance law.


Life is a process of births and deaths. In this process, we gain assets. This property is an element that improves the quality of life. After death, the process of leaving this accumulated property to the relatives of individuals is called inheritance. In the case of inheritance, the transfer process legally includes transactions. In this way, the transferred property or property is legally passed on to the person. Due to the fact that Alanya inheritance sharing situation is seen, this legal situation is observed. The existence of a legal situation reveals the need for an inheritance lawyer in Alanya.


What Does Heritage Mean?

Inheritance, which is the property left by one generation to the next generation, is realized with various assets. Products such as property, wealth, real estate are products that are transferred through inheritance. The wishes of the deceased person before death, the natural transmission of the declaration may change. In this process, the effect of legal proceedings is seen as inevitable.


What Does Inheritance Mean?

An heir who has two types of heirs, the designated heir and the legal heir, can experience the change according to the wishes of the person who left the inheritance. In legal inheritance is the transfer of the continuing inheritance with the lineage. In this legal inheritance process, the deceased does not have a declaration beforehand.  These legal heirs are legally determined. Legally designated persons are ordered according to the law. For this reason, there is naturally inheritance transfer. But what changes this natural process is the pre-mortem declaration of the person who will leave an inheritance. Thanks to this declaration, apart from the legal heir, the heir appointed to the share of the inheritance can also participate in the participation. In all processes, there is a need for a lawyer to fulfill the legal right. In addition to the hearing of inheritance cases in the Alanya district of Antalya, an application for an Alanya inheritance lawyer is made. These lawyers ensure that the heir appointed by the will of the person who leaves the inheritance also receives a share of the inheritance.


Considerations for Sharing Property in Inheritance

As a result of the opening of the inheritance case, the inheritance sharing to the heirs is shared as their legal rights. Equal sharing of women and men is important for our country to be equal in its heritage rights. When the division of the inheritance is carried out, the children and grandchildren are the first to receive the inheritance, since the descendants are considered the first estate. In the descendant estate, except that the first group is the child and the grandchild, the second group is with the parents of the holder as the whole of the inheritance. Again, there is always equality in law in this sharing. In the event of the death of the mother and father, this time the transition to the lower lineage takes place. In the legal journey at the stage of sharing all this inheritance, the Alanya inheritance lawyer works for the realization of fair sharing.


The Right of the Spouse of the Person Who Left the Inheritance to Be Married

The bond formed by marriage is not found within the estates as a genealogical bond. Absence from this process does not mean that the spouses do not have a say in the inheritance. The spouses who also have a share of the inheritance in the sharing of the mother and father or the grandfather and grandmother who are even higher have the right to one-quarter and three-quarters in case of living, and if it is observed that these people are not alive , they have the whole inheritance. In this case, the Alanya inheritance lawyer will make his professional efforts to ensure equal sharing.


Alanya Heritage Lawyer Application

Alanya inheritance lawyer, who has experience and experience in law, plays an active role in inheritance cases. Performs the petition writing according to the needs of its clients. The petition written according to these needs is sent to the necessary court. Because inheritance can be seen in court in many different areas, this court distinction and determination is well chosen by the Alanya inheritance lawyer. The roadmap created according to the demands shows how important the inheritance lawyer application is.


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