I,………..DOB ……….,……..; ….Passport#.....) as the client/proxy giver, hereby grant the attorney/proxy holder the authority to do the following on my behalf:

To represent me in the courts of the Turkish Republic, in every way and with any title, concerning any lawsuits that are to my disadvantage or my advantage, to follow and successfully carry out all the dealings and business that would ensure the protection of my rights, to open and reopen cases in accordance and to carry out the legal processes concerning these cases, to fill and sign all the necessary documents on my behalf and to send them to the places to which they must be sent, to demand the announcement of the results of the cases, to carry out the processes with the supreme courts when necessary, to represent me, to appeal the verdict and to carry out the processes of Regional Courts of Justice, The Regional Administrative Courts, The Supreme Court of Appeal, The State Council, to demand these institutions to re-evaluate the cases when necessary, to demand them to reopen the cases when necessary, to get the money collected, to demand them to hear the witnesses, to make complaints when necessary, to give up on complaints, to open cases in the Constitutional Court using my rights to apply and to carry out these cases, to apply to and open cases in The European Court of Human Rights, to carry out the processes related to these cases, To file a malpractice lawsuit, to file a compensation lawsuit, to collect the money paid in case of compensation, to show a witness, an expert, to accept and reject the oath, to carry out all the proceedings in the enforcement office, to waive the case, to settle, to deputize, to represent in mediation transactions, to demand the inclusion or the exclusion of experts, and arbitrators when necessary, to demand viewing, to object to reports, to demand fixations/determinations, to send warnings, notices and remonstrances and to answer them, to send termination notices, to ensure the execution of writs and decisions, to demand an exclusion from a case, to apply cautionary attachments and attachments, to make bids on debt enforcement proceedings, to carrying out collection and receipt processes, to take part in cases/hearings which are to go on without me, to reach an agreement in accordance with the Turkish Penal Code, to make agreements and to refuse them, to demand the postponement of the announcement of the decision/resolution or its adjournment in accordance with the Turkish penal Code, to demand the recognition and enforcement of court resolutions from other countries, to carry out the necessary processes to demand my criminal record, archive information, to make a declaration of property, to come to an agreement, to make recusations, to appeal for amendments, to tender an oath, to accept or refuse an oath, to release an attachment, to demand/announce my bankruptcy, to make an arbitration agreement, to carry out processes concerning concordatums, stock corporations and cooperatives concerning the reconstruction of the debts, conciliations and to give consent for these, to look for alternate resolution methods when necessary, to resort to conciliation, the choose a mediator/conciliator, to represent me in the processes concerning conciliation, to end the processes should he wish it, to sign the report and agreement papers, to carry out processes concerning these papers, to renounce the case and legal ways, to accept the renouncement/waive,to discharge the opposing party and to accept their case, to demand a re-trial, to open cases against the state due to damages occurred because of the actions of the judges,  to making an application for mediation, to authorizing another lawyer, to attending the mediation meeting, to demand sales concerning the severance of joint tenancies, to make a down payment, to make bids, to receive back the down payment, to renounce the sale, to demand and acquire certificate of inheritance from the notary offices


NAME AND SURNAME             :1) ENES NERGİZ ( ID Number:37987462736)

                                                            Bar Registry No: Antalya Bar- 6281

                                                            Registration Number Of The Union Of Bar Associations Of Turkey: 157433       

                                                            Registered province: Antalya

PLACE OF RESIDENCE                : Hacet Mah Canlılar Cad no:13/5 Alanya/Antalya


Client/Proxy giver







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