Istanbul Insurance lawyer refers to the determination of whether the damage arising from any reason is covered by the insurance law, to provide  compensation for the damage incurred in the field of insurance, to  arrange insurance contracts, and to represent the insurers or insurants in all matters covered by insurance law.


What is Insurance Law?


Insurance law is the whole of the legal rules developed for the purpose of regulating the legal relationship between the insurer and the insurant and determining the work of the companies engaged in insurance.  In this definition, the insurer has the duty to undertake the compensation of the desired risk in return for the premium paid by the insured; the insurant is obliged to pay the premium. General provisions related to insurance are regulated in the Turkish Commercial Code. In addition, the Insurance Law No. 5684 and the provisions of the General Conditions of Insurance approved by the ministry are the main sources of insurance law.


What are the Types of Insurance?


Insurances can be divided into two as Loss and Life Insurance. Loss Insurances are also divided into property insurances and liability insurances. Insurances such as fire insurance, machinery breakdown and installation insurance, transportation insurance, theft insurance, credit insurance, agricultural insurance, motor insurance, construction insurance, glass breakage insurance are among the property insurances. Compulsory traffic insurance, physician insurance, professional liability insurance, discretionary traffic insurance are examples of liability insurances. In addition, motor insurance, aviation insurance, marine insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance, health insurance and life insurance; flood, fire, earthquake, etc. insurances that occur as a result of disasters are other important types of insurance that can be counted.


In Which Court Are Insurance Law Cases Heard?


In liability insurances in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code, the injured person has the right to apply directly to the insurance of the one who caused the damage. In this case, since the dispute in question is based on the Commercial Code, the court in charge will be the Commercial Court of First Instance. Since the insurance law is regulated in the Turkish Commercial Code in the cases to be filed against the insurance company, the cases arising from the insurance law are considered as absolute commercial cases. The court in charge of absolute commercial cases is the Commercial Court of First Instance. However, according to the type and parties of the concrete incident, the court in charge varies. In this context, we recommend that you get help from an experienced Istanbul Insurance Lawyer. Since the  case for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages to be filed due to the motor vehicle accident  is based on the tort provisions, the court in charge will be the Civil Courts of First Instance. In cases that do not concern the commercial enterprise of the person, the consumer relationship is in question. Therefore, in consumer-related insurances, the cases between the insured and the insurance company are heard in the Consumer Courts.


What Does an Insurance Lawyer Do?


Lawyers who develop themselves in the field of disputes arising from insurance contracts and deal with cases in this direction are called Istanbul Insurance Lawyers.  The insurance lawyer is  responsible for resolving disputes between the insurer and third parties arising out of or sustained insurance contracts with insurance companies, whether a valid insurance contract has been established or not. In addition, it acts as a proxy in order to determine whether the damage arising is covered by the insurance, to arrange the insurance contracts, to compensate the damage caused by the risk on the insurance subject. Preparation of insurance contracts, termination, follow-up of partial termination and withdrawal procedures, follow-up of disputes arising in case of violation of obligations in insurance contracts, settlement of disputes arising from loss insurances, compulsory liability insurances, execution follow-up procedures for the purpose of collection of unpaid insurance premiums from the insurant, filing a lawsuit for the purpose of collecting the compensation and insurance costs paid by the insurance companies to the injured person, and  Its conclusion is again within the scope of the duties of the insurance lawyer.


What are the Services Provided under Insurance Law?


While acting as the attorney of the insurance companies, the Istanbul Insurance Company Lawyer carries out the preparation of the contracts arranged by the insurance company, the follow-up of the files to which the company is a party and the execution of the lawsuits.  Istanbul Insurance Lawyer,  on the other hand, undertakes the representation of the insured individuals by making all kinds of researches and examinations about the events that occur in the cases subject to insurance law. It undertakes the execution of the entire legal process in order to determine under which law the concrete event should be evaluated, in which court the case should be opened, to determine the provisions to be applied to the incident, to prove the event that took place and to conclude the case in favor.

As a result, if the process is followed together with an experienced Istanbul Insurance Lawyer, it will be ensured that the rights granted to the person by the law can be used effectively.  With the support of Istanbul Insurance Lawyer  , the person can use his / her rights effectively and quickly. We serve as an experienced Istanbul Insurance Lawyer operating in Istanbul and represent you in law courts.  As Istanbul Insurance Lawyer, we provide support for the follow-up and management of the process in disputes you encounter related to insurance law.  As Istanbul Insurance Lawyer, if a proxy relationship is established, we provide legal assistance both at the application stage and in case of a lawsuit.  As Istanbul Insurance Lawyer,  we provide services regarding the civil cases opened against you all over Turkey, especially in Alanya, Ankara, with our crowded team of lawyers.


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