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Alanya criminal lawyer performs very important services. In summary, lawyers who handle criminal cases are called criminal lawyers. Criminal investigation or prosecution is an activity that begins after the crime has been committed. Alanya criminal lawyer often provides legal assistance to people who are part of this process after the crime has been committed.

If you are suspected of committing a crime, whether or not you have been detained, you can start making a defence through an Alanya criminal lawyer. If you are a victim of crime, you can also contact a criminal lawyer to effectively defend your right to complain.

A criminal case is undoubtedly the type of case where a lawyer is most needed. Because criminal cases directly affect the freedoms of individuals. It is very difficult for the defendant to make his own defense during the criminal trial process. At this point, it would be the right choice to work with a Alanya criminal lawyer working in the field of criminal law who will defend your rights.

In our opinion, the type of case where a lawyer is most needed is criminal cases. Because criminal cases directly affect the freedoms of individuals. It would be the right choice for them to work with a lawyer who will defend the rights of people tried in criminal courts. An Alanya Criminal lawyer who deals with serious criminal cases within the scope of criminal law will represent his clients effectively, dynamically, with an understanding appropriate to the obligation to keep secrets.

What Crimes Does a Lawyer Look At in Criminal Cases?

  • Intentional Manslaughter
  • Causing Death
  • Aggravated Wounding
  • Drug Trafficking and Manufacturing
  • Drug Use and Possession
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Assault
  • Qualified Fraud
  • Extortion
  • Debit
  • Forgery in an Official Document
  • Looting (Extortion)
  • Crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order
  • Crimes that fall under the scope of the fight against terrorism (making propaganda, membership in an organization, etc.)

Alanya criminal lawyer and Alanya Law office provide legal services and consultancy for these and other types of crimes.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Lawyer in a Criminal Case?

People search through the internet to find a lawyer who will follow the criminal case. However, when people search for this issue, they will not find advice or comments on various sites, as in doctors.  Because there is a ban on advertising in lawyers. The lawyer who gives you confidence when you talk, who can answer your questions, and who you believe can defend you and your rights, is the right lawyer for you. However, if you are looking for a lawyer to follow your criminal case, it is possible that we will advise you on some features that you should pay attention to when choosing your lawyer in your criminal case;

  • You should make sure that the lawyer is knowledgeable about the subject you are interviewing and is able to answer the questions you ask.
  • Examining the website, articles and studies of the lawyer you are considering giving power of attorney allows you to have information about the lawyer.
  • It will not be right for you to negotiate by contacting the lawyer on the phone. It is absolutely necessary to have a face-to-face meeting with your lawyer. Because you can best understand the personal characteristics of your lawyer by meeting face-to-face.
  • The lawyer you want to represent you in your serious criminal case should be the one who has high communication skills, can express himself properly and at the same time you believe and trust that he can defend you and your rights in the best possible way in your case.
  • You need to make sure that the lawyer you are considering working with is telling you the facts, not what you want to hear. The lawyer should properly inform you about the risks and costs of the case and be realistic.
  • If the lawyer you are considering giving power of attorney does not have any details about your case, but shows a guaranteeing attitude and makes commitments that your case will definitely be won, it will not be right for you to work with such lawyers. Because a good lawyer will not show a guaranteeing attitude and make commitments to you before learning the details.

As a criminal lawyer in Alanya, we strive to fulfill the tasks we receive within the scope of the criminal file in accordance with these criteria.

1.What Is The Criminal Case? How Does It Open?

A criminal case is a case for prosecution against persons who has sufficient suspicion of having committed a crime. The criminal case can only be opened by the public prosecutor’s office. When the complainant exercises his right to complain about any crime committed or a crime committed that should be investigated spontaneously, the public prosecutor investigates whether there is a need to make a public case by conducting an investigation. Alanya criminal lawyer helps the prosecutor in favor of his client at this stage.

If there is sufficient suspicion and evidence that the crime involved in the investigation has been committed, the public prosecutor will file an indictment and open the criminal case.

2.Frequently Asked Questions About Alanya Criminal Lawyer

When I’m charged with a crime, can I ask for an Alanya criminal lawyer?

An investigation is an activity that begins after a crime has been committed. When the police, the gendarmerie and the prosecutor’s office charge that you have committed a crime, your right to defend also begins. When the charge is brought against you, you also have the right to the legal assistance of a criminal lawyer. The vital function of Alanya criminal lawyer begins here. In case of any action to restrict your personal freedom (arrest, detention,arrest, etc.) without being charged, you have the right to defend yourself and you can ask Alanya criminal lawyer for legal assistance.

If you request it, the police or the gendarmerie cannot take your statement without the involvement of your lawyer.

Can the Alanya criminal lawyer take the criminal file that contains the allegations against me?

The Alanya criminal lawyer’s authority to review files is a professional right arising from both the Criminal Procedure Act and the law of Attorney. Therefore, any transaction documents about you (Statements, minutes, images or camera records, reports, etc.)) has the right to review and take.

Does a criminal lawyer need a power of attorney to review the file and make a defense?

The Alanya criminal lawyer does not need a power of attorney to review the file and make the suspect’s defend. Power of attorney is only required to obtain a copy of the documents contained in the file. The Alanya Criminal lawyer may take any action necessary to exercise your right of defence at the stage of the investigation without power of attorney.

The criminal lawyer will first tell you about all your rights (the right to remain silent, the right to collect evidence in your favour, the right to appeal to transactions such as capture and detention ) when such actions are taken against you, and then make a defence so that you can exercise these rights effectively.

Can I see a criminal lawyer while I’m in custody? At what stage can an Alanya criminal lawyer participate in my defense?

If the person suspected of a crime has been caught or detained, he or she has the right to interview the Alanya criminal lawyer in a separate lawyer’s interview room where no one can hear the conversations.

The Alanya criminal lawyer has to keep any information the suspect gives him as a professional secret. Even if lawyers leave the profession of attorney, the retention of the professional secret is indefinitely and continues for life.

During a meeting between the suspect and his lawyer, the framework of the defense is discussed and how best the suspect can be defended is decided.

Our law office in Alanya protects the right of its clients in criminal files together with Alanya criminal lawyer.

Alanya Criminal Lawyer

Good selection of a criminal lawyer is very important, especially in the field of criminal law. Since criminal law is a field related to the restriction of one's freedom, mistakes made in the judicial process lead to the payment of great costs. You can apply to our office for a criminal lawyer in Alanya, you can get consultancy and advocacy services.

Who is a Criminal Lawyer?

Lawyers who handle cases in the field of criminal law are criminal lawyers. They can be divided into criminal lawyers and felony criminal lawyers. Criminal law is a branch of law that includes crime and its punishment.

With criminal law, the price of the crime is determined and put into practice only within the scope of the laws. The Turkish Penal Code has clearly stated this. For example, no security measure or penalty is imposed for an act that is not explicitly considered a crime (by the Law).

If the crime was not qualified as a crime by the law at the time it was committed, the laws do not apply backwards, even if it is later counted as a crime. There can be no comparison for crime and punishment provisions. Laws should be clearly and clearly explained in criminal law.

 If you are researching a specialized lawyer for Alanya criminal lawyer service, you can contact us.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Criminal Lawyer?

Our Alanya criminal lawyer service is provided by lawyers who are experts, knowledgeable and have the necessary qualifications in criminal law. It is very important that you do preliminary research for a good criminal lawyer. As we mentioned, a wrong step, an important detail that is omitted, the lawyer's lack of experience/knowledge can have very negative effects on the lives of clients.

The characteristics of a good criminal lawyer are:

  • Criminal lawyers must deal with the files themselves; In this area, lawyers are unlikely to be able to provide standard services
  • The responsibility of the criminal lawyer is great; empathy must be developed and must always bear in mind that the accused may pay a high price
  • The criminal lawyer must specialize in the field; closely follow all changes and updates in criminal law
  • Realistically, it should not present the defendant with clear commitments about a situation even though the circumstances are unfavorable or that he does not know. He must also realistically present the situations that he does not have
  • A good criminal lawyer should express himself very well during the trial; A confident attitude increases the ability to persuade

When choosing a criminal lawyer, these characteristics must be investigated and taken care of.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

The criminal lawyer represents the accused. He makes his defense legally before the court. He may present evidence to represent his client or he may evaluate and challenge the evidence adduced against the accused.

Criminal lawyers may ask questions of witnesses and complainants in court; in this way it aims to clarify the situation. A criminal lawyer may defend more than one person in the same case. What is important here is that there is no contradiction between what they advocate. Can act as an advocate for people with the same or similar interests at the same time.

In our Alanya criminal lawyer service, all the processes of the case are carried out with great care and attention. While legal support is provided during the investigation phase, the service of representing the person and following the case is provided when the defendant is prosecuted by moving to the prosecution stage. 

Why Is It Important to Choose a Good Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal law is a field directly related to the freedom of persons. For this reason, it is much more advantageous to work with a lawyer who specializes in this field and has the characteristics we have indicated in every aspect.

There is a lot of information, technical details in criminal law. Lawyers who are competent in this field and who can follow the file well reduce the possibility of any loss of rights.

It is a branch of law with very wide sanctions. Rather than dealing with problems that cannot be remedied later, it would be useful to agree with a very good criminal lawyer from the beginning.

Criminal Lawyer Fees 2023

Alanya criminal lawyer fees start to become clear after coming to our office and discussing in detail with our lawyer. The severity of the situation is determined by the evaluation of the evidence presented, the duration of the case, the recommended Bar lower limit fees. Factors such as how difficult the case will take, the distance of the place where the case will be heard, etc. are also factors in prices. 


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