Manavgat Inheritance Lawyer

Manavgat Inheritance Lawyer


Manavgat Inheritance Lawyer


As Manavgat inheritance  lawyer, we provide legal services and support to our clients within the scope of heritage law in our manavgat law office. Perhaps the legal challenge most faced by foreign nationals is inheritance law.In this case, the heirs began to require legal assistance.

The most basic question arises as to how can I get my right of inheritance granted by law?

First of all, the acquisition of the immovable property by inheritance and the acquisition of the movable property by inheritance takes place through different processes. To put it briefly,while immovables are subject to Turkish law, movables are subject to the heir’s national law.(We, as the Manavgat law firm, serve our client in such a way as to comfort them seriously.) At this stage, Manavgat inheritance  lawyer shows the right way to his clients and often performs all legal transactions on behalf of his clients after receiving a power of attorney.

Taking the inheritance certificate from the court has been subject to different procedures for foreigners.In addition to presenting the translated and notarized documents to the court, there is also a tax obligation.

We can classify that documents as follows;

1.The family statement inheritance inventory shows heirs and kinship, certified and translated to the Turkish language.

2. Registration in the tax register in Turkey and obtaining tax numbers.

3. Valid passport.

4. Providing personal photos.


Whether these documents will be accepted by the court and whether they are correct is being examined by manavgat inheritance lawyer. As Manavgat law office, it provides legal services to clients within the scope of inheritance law.

Of course, the sharing rates are also the most fundamental problems of inheritance law. If there are surviving spouses and children, the spouse shall receive 1/4 shares and the children shall be entitled to 3/4 shares.If the surviving spouse does not have heir children and the inheritor’s father and mother are alive, the spouse receives 1/2 while the inheritor’s mother and father receive 1/2

The date of death of the heirs is also important. In addition, adoption affects sharing.As it can be seen, inheritance law , which is a branch of law that requires serious expertise, contains complexity.

We, as a law firm, simplify these processes and offer a professional service to our client.


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