First of all, it should be noted that it is possible to purchase real estate  in Manavgat  or anywhere with a lot of legal procedures.Therefore, it is important to work with a real estate lawyer  in Manavgat   when purchasing a real estate.
Otherwise the customer is likely to suffer a loss of rights. In this article we will state what our services are as real estate lawyer  in Manavgat   or in other regions.

Real estate law and real estate cases

Real estate litigation is a type of litigation that resolves property-related interventions and disputes. In other words, this type of case is mentioned in the case of an unfair intervention by a third party in the relevant real estate.As a real estate lawyer  in Manavgat  , we provide legal services to our clients from the beginning to the end of this process.
Typically,cases such as a title deed cancellation and registration case, a partnership cancellation case, a title deed transfer cancellation case due to a fraudulent transaction, a compensation case, an anti-interference case are related to the real estate case, and in all these cases it is important to work with a good and experienced real estate lawyer  in Manavgat   to avoid loss of rights.
As a real estate lawyer  in Manavgat  , Alanya and other regions, we offer a professional legal service in the purchase of real estate.
Real estate buying and selling in Antalya,Alanya or in other region, financing necessary for real estate, establishment of easement rights, mortgage rights are also within the scope of real estate law.
It is important to work with Manavgat  real estate lawyer in order to avoid loss of rights at these stages which require many legal actions.As a real estate lawyer in Manavgat, we provide a satisfactory service to our clients at all of these stages.
As a real estate lawyer in Manavgat  , we are conducting counter-negotiations and preparing appropriate contracts for our clients.After drawing up the lease agreements, we manage the contract for the duration of the contract.
We as a real estate lawyer  in Manavgat  carry out all legal procedures related to real estate in the Land registry and cadastral office and municipalities.
For our clients planning to invest in real estate, we perform all the necessary legal procedures related to zoning.For our clients planning to invest in real estate, we perform all the necessary legal procedures related to zoning.Otherwise, after a few months or years a team may come from the municipalities to demolish the relevant real estate.
Therefore, working with a real estate lawyer  in Manavgat   at the beginning of the process will provide serious comfort.Therefore, working with a real estate lawyer in Manavgat  at the beginning of the process will provide serious comfort.
We investigate whether there are legal or administrative cases related to investment real estate, as well as check and inform our client about whether there is a mortgage in the property.If there is a mortgage or foreclosure on the property, this may cause serious problems in the future.To prevent this, it is necessary to examine the relevant real estate from the land registry office.At this stage, it will be very useful to work with the real estate lawyer in Manavgat.
As a real estate lawyer in Antalya, we provide professional legal services to our clients in these cases.
As a real estate lawyer in Manavgat, we provide legal services to our client, taking into account the special restrictions that foreign citizens are subject to when buying real estate.As we mentioned below in our article, there are some restrictions on foreign persons purchasing real estate in Turkey.
We as a real estate lawyer in Manavgat provide our clients with the most accurate solution by preparing a situation report, risk analysis and legal assessment report related to the property they want to invest in.
We as a property lawyer in Manavgat  also provide legal services in the preparation of real estate contracts and construction contracts.on of contracts for the sale of real estate and construction contracts.

What are the Legal Restrictions on the Real Estate Acquisition of Foreign Real Persons?

We can explain these limitations in three categories:

1-)Currently, foreign nationals in our country can purchase a maximum of 30 hectares of real estate.With the decision of the Presidency, this amount can be doubled.In other words, with the decision of the president, the person can buy up to 60 hectares of real estate.

2-)It is not possible for foreigners to acquire and rent real estate in military forbidden zones and security zones.Although the designation of these regions ends in 71 cities, there are still gaps in 10 cities.To fill the vacancy in these 10 provinces, land registry offices communicate with the relevant military authority and make decisions according to the situation.At this stage, a real estate lawyer in Manavgat follows this process on behalf of his client.

3-)Foreigners can only buy immovables that correspond to ten percent of a district. For example, if there are five foreign nationals living in a district, they can only receive the corresponding immovable which is correspond to ten percent of in this district.To determine this rate, obtaining and evaluating information from the relevant institutions prevents future problems.Otherwise, orders may come from the relevant institutions for the abandonment of the property.Therefore, working with a real estate lawyer in Manavgat  will help clients in a serious sense.

What is the the way of foreign people in Turkey must follow while purchasing real estate?

We can also explain these conditions with 4 articles:

1-)The buyer must be from”citizens of the country who can acquire real estate and limited real rights in our country “and must bear the”conditions of acquisition”.183 countries citizens in Turkey “without seeking reciprocity condition” has been granted the right to acquire immovable property.(As a matter of confidentiality, there is no clear list of the 183 countries in question.)At this stage it is necessary to correspond with the relevant ministries.At this stage, a real estate lawyer in Manavgat makes these correspondence on behalf of his clients.

2-)The immovable owner or authorized representative must make preliminary application to the Land Registry Office.At this stage, some malicious people are victimizing customers through their fake representatives.Turkish and English-speaking real estate lawyer in Manavgat is therefore of great importance to work with.(Pre-applications are usually made before the lunch break, taking the sequence number at the Land Registry Office)

3-)If the transferring party is a Turkish citizen, an appointment can be made through the e-government or the appointment system of the Land Registry and Cadastre Office.

4-)If there is a deficiency in the pre-application conditions and if it can be completed, the pre-application file is kept.

What are the documents required for the acquisition of real property by foreign natural persons?

We can specify these conditions as 7.

1-) Title Deed Certificate of Real Estate

2-)Identity document or passport (with translation if necessary)

3-)Obtaining the Declaration Value of the immovable from the relevant Municipality

4-)Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings (housing, office, etc.),

5-)1 picture of the seller and 2 pictures of the buyer (in the last 6 months, 6×4 size).

6-)If there is a party that does not speak Turkish, sworn translator and two witnesses

7-)Original or certified copy of the power of attorney together with its translation in case of transactions with a power of attorney  regulated abroad.

Our real estate lawyer in Antalya, Enes Nergiz knows good level of English, so at this stage he is providing professional services to his clients.

How much foreigners make expense during purchasing a real estate from Turkey?

This can be classified into three categories:

1-)The title deed fee is paid by the buyer and the seller over the sales price, not less than the Property Declaration Value.

2-)Locally determined circulating capital  is paid

3-)The service fee determined in addition to the circulating capital fee is collected by the Land Registry Office.

To avoid paying more than these figures, you have to be aware of the relevant law.

What are the other issues that foreigners should attention during purchasing process who want to acquire immovable property in our country?

1-)On immovable, mortgages, foreclosures and so on. whether there is a restriction or if there is any situation that hinders the sale of the immovable, such matters should be checked by the relevant Land Registry Office.

2-)In case of rejection of the immovable application, an objection may be filed with the Regional Directorate to which the deed Directorate is bound.

3-)For the purchasing immovable in Turkey it has not been demanded residence permit.

4-)In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the acquisition of immovable property, it may be subject to court action.

We, as a  law firm in Manavgat  with real estate lawyer in Antalya, provide services to our clients in a professional manner from the beginning to the end in the purchase of real estate.


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